GCS, Inc.

After receiving my Graphic Design degree from CUNY: Queens College, I went back to full-time work with my current employer and while there have not been many opportunities to utilize my design techniques in the day to day workings of our office, there were a few times when my knowledge as a designer was required. I used that knowledge to design new business cards for the company, a company logo, some flyers for on-line advertisements as well as a re-design of the company's current website.

You will notice that there are several different design materials on this page and it is because I wanted to keep everything related to GCS, Inc. in one location on my portfolio site. Please take a look below for the breakdown in designing their logo, the business cards, the flyers and a link to the re-designed website.

Logo Design


When I was approached to design a logo for my employer, Global Communication Services, Inc. (GCS, Ind. for short), I was asked for it to be a globe to signify the importance of our perspective reach in the health care services industry. I had thought of looking online for globes to gain inspiration and then I remembered that we have a globe in the office waiting area. The picture here is a one that I took with my smart phone of that globe.

The first iteration of the Global logo. I used purple and gold as the two colors work in harmony with one another. Also, purple happens to be our office color. I worked closely on all designs with our associate director and my boss.

Our associate director wanted the purple to be a little less evident and so I went back to iterate the design slightly and presented him with two other options as shown below.


Out of the two new iterations, our associate director preferred the third choice, which is more maroon in color. He then asked for business cards to be designed with this logo.

Business Cards


Out of the two new iterations, our associate director preferred the third choice, which is more maroon in color. He then asked for business cards to be designed with this logo.


The second and third iterations of the front designs as shown above as well as the bottom right. Also, the second iteration of the back design on the bottom left. The associate director, liked the top right design as it was plain and he liked the back of the second design. He used these for the business cards that he made for himself.

Brochure - Class project

GCS Brochure_Page_3.jpg

The brochure pictured here was a class project in my first design class. It would be in accordion-style and the top four sections would be at the front of the brochure as you opened it.

GCS Brochure_Page_4.jpg

The bottom four sections would appear on the back of the brochure. Hence, these would be visible to the user once they turned around the brochure (not flipped over).



My first flyer for GCS, Inc. was a class project when I was still learning the craft of being a designer.

Here is a flyer I designed for GCS, Inc. for when we ran our ad in Sulekha.com when we were in preparation for advertising our services to local residents.

Sulekha Flyer Revised.jpg

These are the last flyers I created for GCS, Inc. at the request of my boss in advertising our services nationwide for tele-therapy. The first flyer was the original iteration and they requested I change the word "Perfect" to something else as that word can carry with it undertones, which could lead to litigation in case we do not measure up to the patient's view of perfect. Therefore I changed it to "Caring" and we used this in our advertising efforts for tele-therapy.