The first step after the idea came to me was to flesh it out. Fleshing out had to start with a brand identity for the app, in which case, I needed to design a logo.

As we changed the app through trials and testing, and other ideas came up, we added a wish list and a guest sign in option to bypass creating an account for those users that would like to first get a feel for the app before committing to the free account.

Once the logo was ready, I needed to outline out my thought process of how the app would work for the user. How would they move from screen to screen? What possible flows and rhythms would they contemplate? Here is the first iteration of the user flow chart.

With the blue prints of how the app would behave when used by our target user, I then sat down on my trusty desktop and in Fireworks created the prototype (see screens below).

I am now in the process of having the re-designed app developed so that we can perform some beta testing with real world users.

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