Brochures, Branding, Posters, etcal.

The majority of these designs were created as class projects. There are a handful that I've done as a designer over the years as creative projects for those close to me upon their request, which I've mentioned below.

Revive Medical Spa


A poster I created in class for a bus stand promotion focusing on Revive Medical's spa and clinic.

A bus banner for Revive Medical - class project.


I created a fold open accordion-style brochure as part of the class project for Revive Medical Spa & Clinic.


The full printed out brochure. When folded it would be a 6 in x 6 in square accordion brochure.


Buttercooky Bakery

For a different class project, we were asked to create a promotional design item for a local business. As Buttercooky Bakery is a small family-owned local business and my favorite bakery, I chose to design a leaflet for their customers highlighting their specialties.

Kim S_1.png
Kim S_2.png
Kim S_4.png
Kim S_6.png
Kim S_3.png
Kim S_5.png
Kim S_7.png

An email newsletter that I created for Buttercooky to send to their customers whenever they create a new wonderful and delightful pastry or cake.

Buttercooky email layout.png

CUNY: Queens College GDX 2014

In one of our class projects, we were asked to create a poster and postcard for the upcoming Student Graphic Design Exhibition. I chose Queens College colors to represent the GDX. First is the poster followed by the front and back of the postcard.


GDX postcard - Front


GDX postcard - Back

GDX poster for the class project.

appIT Software - personal project

I designed the logo, brochure, business card, letterhead and website for a friend's mobile app creating company: appIT Software. **The company site was sold by him and so I cannot publish my website mock ups for his site.**


Finalized logo for appIT.

Logo designs using different color schemes and typefaces for appIT. He liked the 2nd logo in the top row for it's typeface but wanted a different background color. One that would go well with the WordPress theme he had bought.


appIT business card - Front


appIT business card - Back


appIT letterhead


appIT brochure - Front


appIT brochure - Back

Save the Date postcard - personal project

I designed a "Save the Date" card for my sister's wedding. What follows below are ring illustrations created in Illustrator and then the actual card layouts designed in InDesign.


Ring design - front


Ring design - diagonal


These are the first iterations of the post card with only the front being shown. I wanted to meld both of their cultural customs into their card and so looked for illustrations that were both Indian and Irish inspired. The flowers represent the cultural fluidity that is integral to Indian art and design. The Celtic cross symbolizes the rich history and unified bond of continuity that is renowned in Ireland.

Also part of the first iteration of the post card and this was the back.


The second iteration which is just the top two styles. My sister liked the first one and so we used that one for her friends and then made another one for everyone else that might have found the postcard with the expletive offensive.


The second iterations of the back. One with the Celtic crosses and another with the Indian floral design.  She chose the one with the floral design as she felt it flowed nicely with the quote from Emily Bronte that she wanted to use.

Flyer Designs


A flyer/ poster designed for Eco-Learning Legacies, LLC shortly after obtaining my Bachelors from CUNY: Queens College in Graphic Design. I've since gone on to create a website for the company's founder which can be seen at:

A flyer designed for a friend while still in Queens College for her personal health consultancy that she was trying to start. The flyer acted as a new admission form for her clients that she planned to take on.


Miscellaneous Logos

Slogo Re-design 3.png

Logo for ePetclinic - an idea I had for a mobile app to help find the closest animal clinic for users for animals needing a vet (i.e. accident, abandoned).

My own personal logo designed for my portfolio website.

Logo for Slogo (S!ogo) - an idea I had for a card game that could be played manually as well as on mobile against other players or in teams.

Logo for CounselME - a mobile app idea a friend of mine has had to help guide high school students from Freshman to Senior year in pursuit of their college/ university dreams.

Logo for HomeTeamRadio - I designed a logo for them when I had designed their website as well a couple of years back as part of their internship.