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Lord of the Rings

We were asked to pick a book series that we loved and re-design the book cover for it. My all time favorite series is Lord of the Rings and so I chose to re-design the trilogy from J.R.R. Tolkien.

Once the illustrations were complete, it was time to add enticing summaries to the books as well as titles, author's name, publisher logos, etc.

I created book ribbons that the customer could change the position of depending on their choice with the author's name and title of the book as the illustrations did not have the title and author's name on the front cover. It was done deliberately to give the customer something tactile to play around and have fun with while enjoying reading the books.

Following below are images of mock ups of the real paperback books with the printed book covers and book ribbons. I took pictures of the books from the front, back and spine.

Following below are images of mock ups of the hardcover books showing how the ribbons and covers would look. The mock ups below are digital mock ups done in Photoshop.